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The Moments In-between

Today Inquiring Minds brings you a glimpse into Richland’s Director of Community Life, Mrs. Laura Murgatroyd, as she shares her moments in-between. The first of many blog posts to come…

When I first moved from the classroom to the office and began my role as a school administrator, there was certainly a period of adjustment.  I recall that first day of school in my new role, and found myself lingering at the doors of the classrooms; wanting to be surrounded by the energy of our fresh-faced students as they embarked on the new year.  Then the bell rang, and I saw that familiar look in our teachers’ eyes that said, “We have things to do now” and it was time for the learning to begin.  I felt the way any parent feels on that first day of school; a little melancholy to see them go their own way, but recognizing it’s time to let go.  A couple of years have passed, and you will be relieved to know that I keep my hall-lingering to a minimum.  I have found my place among our students in what I consider the moments in-between.  These moments are where I connect and learn from these incredible young people. Their energy and purity feed me on a daily basis, and I am grateful for their company.  Sometimes it’s a little chat in the hallway, or a story after everyone has finished their lunch.  I even get to hold hands during a stroll at recess – moments I treasure.I love my job.  I am surrounded by talented people who offer support and kindness at every turn. A sincere thank you to my colleagues for guiding me through this transition.  I am challenged and constantly learning, and that keeps me invigorated.  As the new school year approaches, just like the children, my excitement builds.  I look forward to seeing familiar faces, and having the halls fill once again with the liveliness of young voices. And of course, I will find those moments in-between.

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