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The Future Will Not be Multiple Choice

Here is another insightful post we’d like to share from one of our favourite blogs, MindShift. In this Tedx video below, educator Jaime McGrath and designer Drew Davies explain how to create a “classroom of imagination” by turning lessons into design problems and giving students space to be creative.

‘In a New York Times op-ed The MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Competition’s co-director Cathy Davidson said she thinks it’s possible that 65 percent of students today will end up doing jobs that haven’t been created yet.’ The fact that educators have the responsibility to prepare students for jobs that haven’t been created yet, means they need to promote the skills and mindset necessary for students to succeed within these, as yet, undetermined opportunities. Creativity, entrepreneurship, design thinking and hands on skills are all important.

Richland students experience Reggio-inspired Inquiry learning, providing them with opportunity to develop these valuable skills. As a result, Richland students are deeper thinking, confident, and world ready.

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