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The Bug Lab Exhibit

Our Kindergarten class went on a very fun and exciting field trip to the Ontario Science Center to explore their Bug Lab. This was our provocation into our next IB inquiry into bugs. The children were amazed with all the life size bugs as we had the opportunity to explore each one’s habits and see them in action. 

“Admire giant, ultra-realistic models of seven bug species, and find out why each one is master of its domain. Explore the skills and intelligence of each bug as you travel through a distinct chamber built to emulate its natural habitat on a massive scale. In each chamber, you’ll learn about the unique features and abilities of a certain species, from the aeronautical abilities of the dragonfly to the surgical skills of the jewel wasp—yes, you read that right!—and beyond.” (The Ontario Science Centers)

After a brief break to have our delicious lunch we made our way down to explore the rainforest. On the way we learned that it was the first time for many children to use the escalators. This in itself was a learning experience and adventure for all. Once we got to the rainforest the children were AMAZED by the lifesize rainforest. As we entered the rainforest the children grew even more excited as they felt the droplets of water as well as looked at the different plants and frogs. 

“Ms. Paguaga look its the blue frogs!” – Katherine

“Ms. Brennan, can we cross over the bridge?” – Ethan, Estelle, Elvin, April

“Its raining!” – Sasha

“AHHHHH! I’m getting wet!” – Benjamin

Soon, it was time to take the adventure back up the escalators to the playground. The children enjoyed exploring the many different activities that were set up around the room, from color mixing on the walls to exploring the human boy.

Once we got back the children had an opportunity to share with the class what their favorite part of the field trip was for them.

“I like the bug slide because I liked the light flashing because it was like the sun” – Estelle

“I liked the rainforest the best because it was super fun because i got to cross the bridge and got all wet like an actual rainforest” – Sasha

“I liked the praying mantis because it was cool!” – Harry

“I liked the playground because it was really fun (referring to the color mixing on the walls)” – Ray

We are so glad to see that the children really enjoyed our field trip and hope they will be excited to learn more about bugs and insects with our upcoming unit.

-JK class (2021-2022)

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