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PYPx – Making Connections & Drawing Conclusions

Our PYPxers are making great progress as they probe further into their respective lines of inquiry and showcase their findings and learnings in various ways. They are currently working on completing written pieces that showcase evidence of their understanding of their lines of inquiry. 

We are immensely proud of each and every student for pushing themselves (and their group mates) to produce their strongest and most authentic pieces of work. 

Each group is now beginning to create presentation scripts and is brainstorming ways that they can hook and engage the audience from the outset. 

It is very common for students to feel some stress in overwhelm in the remaining weeks of PYPx. Please try to encourage your child to carry out mindfulness activities (breath work or repetition of mantras) when needed. Also try to give them positive feedback and words of encouragement when you can. 

Each group is also continuing to develop their Google Sites and they are looking great! 

-From the Grade 6 class (2021-2022)

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