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The Beauty of Butterflies

Our Junior Kindergarten children were excited to begin learning about butterflies. We began by looking at a video that mentioned that there were over 20,000 species of butterflies in the world.

We then talked about how beautiful butterflies really are and how none of them look alike, even their chrysalis look different. The children enjoyed sharing their observations about the video with their teacher and peers.

“They lay their eggs on leaves.” – L.M.

“They eat lots of fruit and then get tired and make a cocoon and then come out as a butterfly”- L.C.

“The eggs get laid by a caterpillar” – T.T

“Caterpillars stay in the chrysalis for 2 weeks” – L.M.

“There are many predators that eat butterflies and caterpillars like the praying mantis, some spiders, lizards, and mice” – J.Y.

Afterwards, we looked at another video that taught us about why butterflies are so beautiful, but first we made some predictions.

“Because they always look beautiful and can be different” – L.C.

“They have different patterns on them” – T.C.

“Means they are poisonous” – J.Y and T.T.

Once we finished watching the video we were excited to learn that not only are they colorful to camouflage themselves with their natural environment but also to scare off predators.

“So that butterflies can trick other animals to think they are poison” – J.Y.

“The colorful ones look like different animals which will make the animals think that they are animals –  some look like they have animal eyes like the owl that eats birds – some look like they have snakeheads to scare off birds” – T.T.

“When butterflies die they go into the soil and become food for the trees and turn into air that we breathe” – J.Y.

The children were then presented with the task to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and use natural materials to create their very own colorful butterflies.

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