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Social Justice Market Math

Our Grade 5 classroom community thoroughly enjoyed participating our first ‘Market Math’ experience of the school year. During market math, students buy and sell items to practice their computational skills when it comes to the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals. In our first round of market math, students were given the following real life scenario:

You are a single parent who has an illness that leaves you with a compromised immune system. Because of this, you are unable to perform the duties of your job (coffee shop employee) during the pandemic. You have two children whom you would like to stay healthy by exercising and eating healthy foods. You are running low on money.  You must do grocery shopping for the week and only have $75 to spend on groceries as most of your income went to paying rent and utilities (heat and water bills).

Each vendor table sold organic and non organic items at reasonable prices and showed immense creativity and enthusiasm when buying and selling. Students then reflected on the experience individually and then as a class, making connections to our current unit on the human body in addition to our previous unit on social justice in the process.

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