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Social Constructivist

“In social constructivist classrooms collaborative learning is a process of peer interaction that is mediated and structured by the teacher. Discussion can be promoted by the presentation of specific concepts, problems or scenarios, and is guided by means of effectively directed questions, the introduction and clarification of concepts and information, and references to previously learned material. Constructivist teachers do not take the role of the “sage on the stage.” Instead, teachers act as a “guide on the side” providing students with opportunities to test the adequacy of their current understandings” (University College Dublin)

In SK2 the social constructivist approach is evident, as the children learn more about their world through authentic experiences and materials.  We take what is happening in their world, and what is engaging them at this moment, and use the children’s interests to move the learning forward in all curriculum areas.

Literacy and The Light Table
At the moment Halloween is very much on everyone’s mind.  The light table was set up with materials that represented this time of year, and the children were asked to create stories from these materials.  Through purposeful play, they were thus engaging their imaginations, problem solving as they created “A spooky ghost gate”, and deepening their understanding of storytelling. (Literacy)

Photos of their work were taken and will be a provocation for them to write these stories down.

Math and The Measurement of Pumpkins
Pumpkins were sorted collaboratively in the piazza – sorting thereby revisited and the new concept of  measurement introduced. Following this, the children were asked to measure their own pumpkin using non standard units of measurement. I was curious as to whether they would measure the width or height, and what materials within the classroom they would use. One child found a cylindrical block that was the same height as her pumpkin, and then used small flat blocks to measure along that, before coming to an answer. (Math)

IB connections – Who We Are
All these experiences connected us to our line of inquiry “Ways to make and keep friends.”  It is through these collaborative experiences, that social relationships between the children are strengthened and new friendships are formed.

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