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Grandparent’s Day Celebration

Our Grandparents are a part of who we are. They share their stories and instill pride within us all. In order to honour their progressive lives, and to give them an opportunity to show their love for their grandchildren, Richland Academy continues its tradition of hosting  our students’ grandparents year after year.

Last Friday, we were able to celebrate with our Grandparents in the grade one classroom. Part of our new roles in grade one is becoming the teacher as well as the students. We decided to teach our grandparent’s our learning theories and show them how we work as a team in grade one. How do we start our morning? Why conduct a teacher-led read aloud (choral reading demonstration)? Do our Grandparent’s know what a pattern is? Do they know what the attribute of a pattern is as well as the core? These are just a few of the lessons we showed our Grandparent’s during our celebration last week.

When we share our learning, we are taking pride and ownership within our learning initiatives/self-regulation skills. Do we understand why we are learning particular subject areas?

When our students begin to teach us and extend the learning outside of the classroom (in this case it was extending the learning through teaching our Grandparents), they are demonstrating their abilities to assess and think critically about their learning. They have to do this to teach others. This is their application process.

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