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Richland Students Help ‘Bring Back the Wild’

In celebration of Earth Month, we welcomed Earth Rangers and their Animal Ambassadors for a special ‘Bring Back the Wild’ presentation on April 2, in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The Eco-Assembly focused on issues related to biodiversity, and the importance of protecting animals and their habitats. In the presentation, four species and their habitats at-risk were introduced: the Spotted Turtle in Ontario, the Plains Bison in Saskatchewan, the Pine Marten in Newfoundland, and the Monarch Butterfly in Manitoba.

The Eco-Assembly officially kicked-off our ‘Take Action’ button fundraising campaign, where students and staff will have the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for selected animals, while collecting button rewards for their efforts. Fifty percent of the funds raised will support the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect the animal habitats. The remaining fifty percent will support Earth Rangers’ education program, so they may continue their work to teach youth about the crisis facing biodiversity. To learn more about Earth Rangers and their conservation projects, visit


  • Mrs. Pamenter

    Salutations all!
    In May the grade 4 class will be going to the Metro Toronto Zoo to study Measurement. This presentation from the Earth Rangers gave them the opportunity to contextualize the experience by pondering “How do zoos benefit Species-At-Risk?” This provocation came from the overwhelming interest in the protection of animals and their ecosystems that the grade four class developed from their grade 3 Science Inquiries on Food Webs and Endangered Animals, which they presented at the Science Fair last year.

    We are looking forward to exploring this further in the lead up to our field study in May!

    Mrs. Pamenter

  • Mrs. Black & JK

    Here is some JK feedback from the Earth Rangers presentation:

    Marziah: “I liked the owl because the Barn owl was flying and came back on the girl’s fingers. The owl eats mice.”
    Zen: “I liked the Barn owl because he could fly very fast.”
    Olivia: “The Pine Martin could jump from pole to pole.”
    Zackary: “The Barn owl flew so fast and almost touched our head.” “The lizard crawled on the handler’s hands.”
    Parisa: “The Barn owl flew over our heads. It looked white.”
    Gabriel: “I was not scared when the Barn owl flew over my head.”
    Arisa: “The Barn owl’s feathers had a pattern of brown and white.”
    Sophia: “The Pine Martin jumped and climbed the poles because he has a long tail. He ate some treats.”
    Kian: “ The lizard smells with his tongue.”
    Insiyah: “I thought the Barn owl might ‘peck’ my head.”
    Arjun: “I liked the Barn owl because he flew.”
    Ms. Heckadon: “The Barn owl glided and his wings were silent.”
    Mrs. Black: “The beauty of the creatures came alive for me, as the handlers shared the habits and some facts about each and every animal that they brought for us to learn about.”

  • Grade 6 Student, Ashley B.

    Earth Rangers has inspired me to take action and help animals who are endangered. I really liked the animals they brought it was fun and interactive.

  • Grade 6 Student, Thomas B.

    The show was really interesting and bringing the animals in was even cooler! After seeing the show it really made me want to donate to Bring Back the Wild

  • Grade 5 Student, Ion C.

    The earth day assembly was awesome, and it was very nice to meet all of the unique animals like the barn owl.

  • Grade 5 Student, Kaya D.

    I think it was cool to see the animals and was really educational. I think I will bring back the wild.

  • Grade 5 Student, Kayla L.

    The Earth Rangers presentation was very interesting and I really enjoyed seeing all the animals.

  • Grade 6 Student, Krish K.

    I think after I saw the Earth Rangers presentation it really opened my eyes and now I really want to help “Bring Back The Wild”.

  • Grade 5 Student, Aydin P.

    I think the Earth Rangers gave me a good thought of what we have to do to save animals in the wild. I am going to try my best to “Save the Wild”!

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