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Richland Shines at the Kiwanis Music Festival

Recently, Richland Academy’s Junior Choir competed in the Kiwanis Music Festival, under the guidance of our Performing Arts Teacher, Ms. Pitt.  Today’s Inquiring Minds post comes from Ms. Pitt on the Kiwanis experience, and captures the pride and passion she shares with her students.The choir, Ms. Bei, and I had a great time at the Kiwanis Music Festival.  We blew the audience away (and got a few “woot woots” and tears from the crowd) as we celebrated our musical selections of “True Colours” and “Seasons of Love”, with energy and joy. I am so proud of everyone involved. We are small but might in heart and courage. The expression, soul, and love the choir put into their performance was unmatched. *For those of you who have seen the film, it reminded me a bit of “Sister Act 2”!

A few comments from our adjudicators:

“A vibrant youthful sound”
“rhythmic vitality”
“really beautiful tone”
“good attention to dynamics”

My personal favourite:

“I really believe the text, there is a clear emotional connection.”

Please enjoy the videos of our performances captured by one of our parents during the competition:

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

Here are some things the choir had to say about the morning:

“When we were up there, we owned it! We really let ourselves be like, it’s now or never!” – Andrea

“At Richland, we always step out of the box! When we were singing, we had so much expression and we really enjoyed what we were doing and I think that was the most important part.”- Kayla

“In our performance, we really expressed ourselves and showed that we were really into the song.” –Kaya

We did not win the gold standard, but we certainly shone brightly and I would not have changed a thing about our performance.


  • Ms. Bei, Grade 6 Teacher

    It was a privilege to watch them perform. It was a moving and inspirational performance. Thank you to Ms. Pitt and the fantastic junior choir.

  • “I loved the song because it is so good.” (Amy. JK)
    “I liked it because when they were clapping it was fun.” (Sebastian, JK)
    “I liked the song the lady played on the piano.” (Mason, Prek)
    “I liked seeing Ms. Pitt singing with our friends.” (Maya, Prek)

  • Kayla Grade 6

    We did awesome! We had so much expression and we thought outside of the box! Congrats Richland!

  • Kayla Grade 6

    The choir did an amazing job and i so much fun! We had so much expression and we thought outside of the box! Congrats Richland! 🙂

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