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Richland Collaborating with Local Felting Artist

Art is thought expressed through the hands. -Indonesian Artist

Richland Academy was delighted to be selected by local felting artist, Melanie Siegel, to participate in her Intergenerational Felting Extravaganza, which is supported by Richmond Hill’s Mayor’s Endowment Fund for the Arts. A group of Richland students, as well as some parents, have been working collaboratively with Ms. Siegel and Mrs. Sherman to create felting art pieces which are inspired by the natural landscape.

The beauty of the raw wool and the fascinating process of creating felt have captivated our students. We look forward to showcasing the finished pieces as part of this exciting local arts initiative, which includes a group of local High School students as well as local Seniors.

Many students and parents were captivated by the beauty of the felting process, and were interested in sourcing felting materials on their own.  Here is a supplier for reference:

Gemini Fibres
5062 Mount Albert Road
Mount Albert, Ontario
(905) 473-1033

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  • I really enjoyed felting and that was the first time I did that so it was the best experience I had and I would love to do that again. I thought it was fun doing felting with the Grade 1’s because we also got to know them better and they got to know us better as well, so that was fun! There was a lot of steps to felting and there is a whole process that you have to follow through in able to do everything right, it was a lot of work but when we got to the end finally poking our landscapes then I felt really good about my landscape and I felt like I was really relaxed.

    I thank Richland Academy for inviting the guest in to teach us felting and giving us that amazing experience.

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