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Medicine Bear

In Performing Arts, the SK class has been learning about the history and traditional oral story telling of Canadian Aboriginals through experiential dramatic play. They have chosen an Ojibway creation story to reenact, becoming the characters (such as human being, muskrat, and turtle) and internalizing the lessons the magical story portrays; one of interconnectedness with all living things on the planet, respect for mother earth and the balance of the natural world. The PK, JK, and SK classes, along with the Grade 1 class, also recently took a trip to the Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts, where they saw the KAHA:WI production of “Medicine Bear”.
Through whimsical music, dance and storytelling, Medicine Bear weaves into one magical narrative traditional Iroquoian stories: how the Bear Clan came to be known as the “Keeper of the Medicines” and the hunter who discovered the gift of healing. Following oral tradition practices, Medicine Bear teaches virtues of compassion, thankfulness and respect for nature in a way that is playful and though provoking for young and family audiences. Medicine Bear entertains while expanding understanding and appreciation for the Arts and encourages the sharing of First Nations culture for future generations.” (KAHA:WI). Everyone had a wonderful time and learned a lot from the stories portrayed on stage.

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  • Christopher B.

    Wow that must’ve been a lot of fun. I know a lot about Natives now but not that much when I was younger, so they are very lucky.

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