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Richland Academy’s Innovation Fair!

Creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future Recent surveys of 1,500 CEOs and 17 countries agree.

The ability to dream, take chances, and create the things we imagine… these are the skills of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers. Children are born with these exceptional talents, but research shows that over time they begin to lose them.

A 21st century skill, Creativity is recognized as one of the most critical skills for the next generation. Its value reaches well beyond the arts to affect every discipline and numerous industries. A popular survey conducted by IBM of 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries identifies creativity as the “most crucial factor for future success.” 

Seventeen countries in The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development identify “creativity and innovation” as a core competency, so valuable for the next generation it requires major restructuring of national educational programs and priorities. 

YES AND… Integrative and Design Thinking Theory, use these two simple words to allow for ideas to be honoured and used to create something that otherwise might never have come to be! They bring out creativity by allowing ideas to be built upon, rather than torn down.   Think outside the box, encourage wild ideas, and build on the ideas of others! 

What will you build?

We invite all Richland students, staff and faculty to enact their creativity; Build something amazing out of cardboard, tape, and imagination! Inspired by the Global Cardboard Challenge, Richland Academy continues to honour and celebrate the creativity of our great young minds, as well as the role our community plays in fostering them. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?

Inspired by the Cardboard Challenge…they said it best… Why creativity?  The world is changing at a fantastic speed. The future requires people who can problem-solve, adapt and communicate in workplaces and environments that are increasingly complex. Creativity creates jobs, drives economic growth and provides answers to societal needs. It also maximizes human potential. Research quoted in News week says that children with high “creative self-efficacy” are better able to handle stress and are more “confident about their futures.”

Rules of Engagement:

  • Your work is everybody’s work-someone may build on to your work, and     you may add to another’s
  • You may only ADD, not take away
  • Make something amazing!

During the month of February, the Piazza will be filled to the rafters with cardboard!  Students, parents, staff and faculty are invited to build whatever they can dream! Students may come to the Piazza as a class, and supervision will be provided for those who choose to use their recess times to work on their masterpieces.

You must have an open mind, because your work might be part of a larger collective piece.  Someone may add to yours and you may add to a different piece.  What can we create collectively? What an awesome challenge! The fruits of our imagination will be open to the community during Spirit Week from March 2-6.  Come and take a look at what we’ve created, together, with our creative imaginations – one of the most crucial factors for success and what will we do?

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