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Playing with Light

We encourage you take a moment and delight in the learning that transpired in Richland’s Senior Kindergarten class recently.

These photos tell an incredible story.  Pure joy. A spot of light appears on our classroom ceiling. The joy of the unexpected. One child begins to seek out its source.  Her hands and mind engage together in a powerful learning moment.  She begins ‘messing about’ with the light, and her excited energy draws in another child to explore. An individual experience becomes a collaborative one. Together they experiment in ‘cause and effect’, and delight in being able to control the light.  A third child joins them, and together they ‘make meaning’ of this experience.



  • I was delighted to share in this ‘experience’ with you, SK…through your photogrpahs and your words, I could clearly see the joy and wonder and excitement about your discoveries.
    Mrs. Black

  • Daiana Mainella

    Love this post! The kids are so engaged.

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