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PK’s Investigate Volcanoes

The PK children have been eager to learn about volcanoes, so they borrowed some books from the library to research the topic. The children excitedly explored the pages of the books, observing the lava flowing down the sides of the volcanoes. “It is SO hot!” exclaimed Madalin! “You can’t touch it,” added Stanley.

Using newspapers, the children set about creating a volcano collage. They first examined rocks to see which colours they should use, and tore pieces which they then stuck to the volcano.

Next, everyone worked together to paint the lava, using “hot” colours, red, orange and yellow. “Volcanoes are dangerous,” commented Sebastian, “we can’t go near.”

The children were also inspired by watching videos of volcanoes erupting, with Andrew declaring “The volcano is EXPLODING!” “We would burn if we touched it,” added Devin.


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