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Our Experience with Sol Express, “…Everyone is different, but we are all equal.”

Richland students in Gr. 4, 5 and 6 had the pleasure of working with artists from Sol Express of L’Arche Toronto. Sol Express is a group of artists who creatively express and explore issues surrounding developmental disability, ability and difference. These artists shared a workshop entitled “I AM”, which sought to shed light on difference, similarities and belonging. The students were led through a collaborative art experience, dramatic performances, personal sharing, and a moving video entitled, “I am. I hate. I love. I dream.”This experience was intended to enhance and illuminate the students’ study of Adapted Sports and Ability in Physical Education and Health. This experience grew from simply an educational workshop, into a deeply meaningful and moving life experience. Students and teachers reflect…

“Watching the video…was just so powerful. I realized that we all dream about the same things.”       – Andrea

“Now I realize that we are not the same…everyone is different…but we are all equal. We shouldn’t judge anyone. I think today we all did a good job of accepting everyone and not judging anyone.” – Kayla “I was shocked when someone [in the video] said, “I dream of being accepted by my family”…I couldn’t believe that a parent wouldn’t accept a child for who they are. That just isn’t right.” – Aydin

“Something that I realized too is that [the artists] don’t judge you for anything…they know what it’s like to be judged and they have felt that pain. And it shows because they don’t judge us…they just smiled and had a good time.” – Andrea

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