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Learning unfolds through the Power of Collaboration in PreK

Inquiring Minds is delighted to share this wonderful learning story, as captured by our PreK Teacher, Mrs. Abreu.

A book, our tadpoles, and water colour paints.  L.H. and I.N. are curious and are drawn in by the beautiful provocation. L.H. shares, “Our tadpoles are tiny like this one.” Pointing at the book, they look at the picture, looking back and forth at the tadpole habitat and at the pictures in the book.  I.N. thoughtfully declares, “Let’s look at the tadpoles.  They are swimming so fast.”  Looking with purpose, they decide that indeed they were ready to experiment with water colour painting. “I think we start with the bowl,” shares I.N., which is followed by, “Then we can make the rocks and a green tree,” L.H. states.  As their water colour paintings unfold, much conversation was heard.  They listen to one another’s thoughts and ideas, and share the research. “WAIT!” shouts I.N.  “We have to add black dots for the tadpoles.” “Oh, yes!” L.H. agrees.This was a collaboration amongst the children.  A provocation, which prompted observation, sketching, and water colour painting; unfolding in the eyes and hands of the children, who determined their own path of learning.  Working collaboratively, they deepened and enriched each other’s thinking.   “The Child has strength in wanting to grow, wanting to be a scientist, wanting to be a detective. The Child is competent and knows what to do.” – C. Rinaldi

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