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Grade 6 Business Trade Show – A Resounding Success!

Calling All Investors! The Grade 6 “students-turned entrepreneurs” showed off their business ideas at our First Annual Grade 6 Business Tradeshow. We invited parents, students, staff and the outside community to act as potential “investors”. “I think these are really great skills for life because, for example, in geometry you just measure but we found a way to use it as we would in life.” – K.L.

This project began as an authentic avenue to teach the math curriculum, but eventually evolved into a multi-faceted project. Over the course of 6 months experts in marketing and small businesses were invited in to support our students in their brainstorming and execution. By the end, each student created realistic businesses, complete with detailed ideas, budgets, graphs, marketing plans and physical layouts using tools that entrepreneurial professionals use every day.“We have come up with ideas that will take us places.”– A.M.

This project was one that empowered the imagination with practical tools and knowledge. Students realized that their dreams could truly become reality.

“The coolest thing about this experience was that Grade 6 students created everything… it proved that you don’t have to be an adult to create a working business.” – K.L. & I.C.

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