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“I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…”

This week, our PK students were excited to see the wet weather and were asked what they knew about rain:

  • “It makes the flowers grow up and up,” shared Sebastian.
  • “It comes from the clouds. Grey clouds make rain and white clouds make sun,” said Madalin.
  • “It makes puddles,” said Matthew, continuing “I like to splash in puddles!”

The children were then asked what clouds were made from:

  • “They are squishy and we can’t catch them because they are high,” said Stanley.
  • Vanessa then shared “Rain makes the ground muddy and the sun dries it up.”

After their rain discussion, the children experimented in making their own “splashing puddles” with paint. Using a straw they “huffed and puffed” like the wind. “The wind moves the clouds,” said Devin, who was most excited when he blew a bubble in his paint!

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