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IB theme: Who We Are

This week, the Grade 3 class has started our final IB theme of Who We Are: Our Land is Who We Are. 
Our Central Idea is: The natural environment impacts employment opportunities.
The Lines of Inquiry are:

  • The needs of the community influence the job market.
  • Explore the features of the natural environment and how land is used.
  • Factors linked to the development of municipal regions

To begin, our focus was on Canada. The students were given a province or territory cut-out and the goal was to collaboratively put the Canada puzzle together. We then took some time to think about what we knew about Canada and what we are inquiring about.
Please take a moment to read what we shared.
“Canada is peaceful.” (M.B.)
“I know that Canada is the second safest country. The capital city is Ottawa.” (C.C.)
“I know that Canada is 151 years old. Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister. The Parliament is in Ottawa.” (S.R.)
“There are 3 territories.” (J.L.)
“Canada has 10 provinces.” (Y.S.)
“It is a war free country. Canada has a few places where people speak French.” (E.K.)

We are wondering …
“How long is Canada?” (K.V.)
“How many people live in Canada? How long does it take to drive from one end to the other by car? How big is Canada? Who gave Canada its name?” (E.K.)
“I know Saskatchewan has a lot of tornadoes, but I want to know how strong are they usually?” (L.V.)
“I wonder what the first family or race was in Canada?” (S.R.)
“How long is our border?” (A.K.)
“I want to know how many islands does Canada have?” (C.C.)
“How many cities are in Canada?” (N.K.)
“Why does Canada exist? Can’t you just call it part of USA? (A.A.)
“I wonder when Canada had its first birthday?” (Y.S.)
“How much more natural space is there in Canada?” (J.Q)
“What is the biggest lake in Canada?” (I.L.)
“Why are things more expensive in Canada than in USA?” (S.K.)
“Why do some parts of Canada speak French if it is not a part of France?”  (C.C.)
We look forward to exploring, investigating and learning more about our great country.

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