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Celebrating Learning through Student Led Conferences

Richland Academy’s Student Led Conferences provided our Grade Two students with an authentic opportunity to share their constantly developing knowledge and understanding, as well as personal and social skills with their parents/guardians. It was a small yet significant moment in their life-long learning journey where they could shine by taking the lead and having ownership of their own learning.

​Such engagement highlighted as well our students’ ability to organize and present their well- prepared material effectively. They used their portfolios to tell, with pride, the story of their leaning journey. With confidence, they showed an ability to answer their parents’ challenging questions and engage in activities that would extend their learning.

It was a warm setting meant to make our students’ parents, grandparents and guardians feel welcomed and prepared to contribute to their child’s learning. Their reflections were a testimony to the success of our first Student led Conferences.

“The Conference was amazing! I loved your confidence in leading the conversation and the esteem you showed when sharing your work.” B.P’s Mom

“I loved how you took me around the different stations to show me the various things you are learning.” J.L’s Dad

“We liked how you took ownership in leading the conference and really talked about your work at every station.” T.T’s parents

“A well-arranged program.” K.P’s parents

“We liked how you explained the various topics with confidence.” A.L’s parents

“We reall liked how D took ownership of his presentations. It showd how fully engaged he is and how deep his understanding of his work is.” D.X’s Guardians.

“My kids were so proud of their work.” S.Z’s Mom.

Our families expressed their wish to allow more time to engage fully in all tasks. A wish that will most certainly be fulfilled in our future conferences.

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