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Fundraiser for Haiti

In celebration of World Kindness Week, Richland Ambassadors hosted a ‘Fundraiser for Haiti’ event. As part of the Fundraiser, students took orders for Me to We Artisans jewellery, a line of original accessories handcrafted by artisans in Free The Children countries across the globe, as well as customized, ethically-produced Me to We Style t-shirts and scarves that express our commitment toward Free The Children initiatives.

With the generous support of our Richland Community, we raised $560 towards our $8,000 goal of Adopting-a-Village in Haiti. With the environmental impact of our Me to We Style order, we saved 3.96 lbs. of pesticide and 12 trees were planted on our behalf.

Proceeds from this event, as well as from our Coin Drive and Car Wash (in our 2010-2011 school year), will go toward much-needed resources for Haiti through Free The Children’s ‘Adopt-A-Village’ program, which helps people in less fortunate countries receive the means they need to survive, such as water, health, alternative income and education. Now at $3,681.90, we are almost halfway there!


  • This is way more helpful than anything else I’ve looked at.

  • Maria M.

    What a fantastic fundraiser! I look forward to reading more about your progress in meeting your fund-raising goal!

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