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Exploring Frogs Through ‘The Hundred Languages of Children’

Two of our JK students share discoveries and observations about a frog’s shape, colour and details, as they have chosen to sketch a frog for a future water colour painting to depict their learning. At other centres, students build a pond scene using materials, such as glass stones, pebbles, rocks, bits of bark, wooden tiles, blue and green jewels, insects, flowers, lily pads, pond creatures and other treasures to create with.

Importing a ‘real’ pond scene and uploading it to the Epson board gave this student and her partner the opportunity to add their creativity to their pond. Choosing the colours, the lines, and the creatures became a tool to design and create. The two added: “gold fish” which they learned were called ‘Koi’, “flowers on the lily pads” and “bugs for the frogs to eat.”

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