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Exploring Angles in Grade 3

“If a ruler had no right angles, it would be hard to measure.” – Allegra

Through investigations and explorations, the children developed a deeper understanding of angles and their importance in the real world. They came to the realization that creating angles with the correct number of degrees was of great importance to the form and structure of an object.

The children discovered that by using the right angle of a piece of paper, they could determine if something was perfectly straight.

“The shelf needs to have right angles, or else it would not stay in place. It would just keep on falling.” – Mikayla

To further deepen their understanding of angles, the children learned to use a protractor. In collaboration with each other, they were challenged to create angles and measure them.

“I made a 5 degree angle and it was challenging.” – Allegra

“I had difficulty challenging Christian because he was giving me challenging angles.” – Sohara

Reflections from the Teacher

For many children, the exploration of these experiences was new and thought-provoking. Many had never realized the impact of angles on the objects we use and observe daily. Where would we be if the angle of the door did not fit properly into the frame? The importance of measuring angles accurately gave the children the impetus to learn to use a protractor. Challenging each other with the complexity of the angles also enriched their learning experience. Overall, the children developed a greater appreciation for the importance and skill of measuring angles.

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