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Enriching our Understanding of Science

Enriching our Understanding of Science

​Our visit to the Ontario Science Centre was an important learning moment for our Grade One students. The field study was a shared social experience that provided them the opportunity to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting.
​The field study supported our students’ inquiry about energy: “Where it comes from? Where does it go? Can it be stored? How it is transformed and how it can be saved?” The learning engagement included experiments with light, heat, sound, electric and moving energy. The children witnessed energy transformation in an exciting and real way.
​The students’ interest in our solar system as well as daily and seasonal changes led us to the ‘Night Sky’ exhibit. In the Centre’s planetarium we travelled from the Toronto night sky where stars are almost invisible due to light pollution, to the dark countryside where we were surrounded with stars. We located the ‘Big Dipper’ and the ‘Milky Way’ and visited the Moon, Saturn, Venus and beyond!
Our students’ reflections illustrate the new knowledge that transpired from their visit to the Science Centre. Such reflections assert our understanding of the importance of field trips in deepening and enhancing students’ classroom studies.

“Parachutes use wind energy. We get energy from light, food and water.” A.K.

“I learned that the moon does not make its own light.” L.V.

 “I learned that the bright star is called the North Star, and that some planets are made of rock and gas.” J.L.

“Wind energy moves windmills and sometimes makes electricity.” R.Z.

“A quality science curriculum is one that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.” National Research Council (1996)

Reminders for the week of April 18th-April 21st:

  • Easter Monday is on April 18th. Happy Easter!
  • Current Event presented by S.K  is on Friday, April 21st.
  • Earth month is April and as a school our Eco-Team would like to take part in a Canada wide initiative called Earth Play for Earth Day. On Friday, April 21st, our students will start the day with a Morning Gathering with Eco-Friends who will share about Earth Play.  After the morning gathering the children will be engaged in outdoor activities.  Please send extra clothes with your daughter/son for the day. We will be going out rain or shine so they need to dress for the weather. For this event we would like to share this link with you:
Wishing you all a joyful long weekend,

Mrs. Zahr

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