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Digging Deep – Authentic Learning in Grade 4

Recently Richland had geological engineers on site to take soil samples. We are embarking on a school expansion, and this is part of the process prior to building. Our Grade 4 students are currently investigating rocks and minerals, and saw this as a perfect opportunity to document the soil collection process and gather first-hand research.The students captured their findings on the soil sample collection process through photographs and video, which we have included with this post. In addition, they have worked effectively to communicate there findings with the entire school, through the development of a powerpoint presentation as well as broadcasting through morning announcements.Here are their findings, which they gathered from interviewing one of the engineers:

Why drill for soil samples?

– To find out what kind of soil is underground.
– This information will be important for determining what kind of structural foundation is required.
– The workers have to count how many knocks they hear when collecting soil samples – the more knocks the stronger to soil is.

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

The value of these authentic learning experiences cannot be measured. We may have future geologists in our midst! Providing opportunities for children to experience the world first hand, and to let them conduct meaningful research, validates their questions and ensures they have the skills necessary for a life of learning.

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