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In the 21st century, many students are already familiar with tablets and smartphones, as a means of communication and ‘research’. This year, we are bringing the Grade One students back to the basics of learning how to type. We wondered, can the children type or do they only know how to swipe across a screen?

It is important that our students know how to use the keyboard to write their essays, reports and papers. Over the course of the 2015-2016 school years, the Grade One students will focus their attention on muscle and brain dexterity skills; in order to, type. As part of the Technology Expectations, Grade One will focus on: logging-on by themselves, basic typing skills (home row memorized) and how to save their work to their student drives. They will be able to understand what a URL is in order to navigate a selected web page. 

Typing will ensure each student is extending upon their hand-eye-coordination skills, their letter recognition skills and ultimately building their typing STAMINA.  The students will become familiar with key locations which will require a great deal of repetition and reinforcement to develop their kinesthetic memories.

Overall, computing is a way of life today. Technology surrounds us, we at Richland Academy know that with Technology Education on the forefront, our Students will continue to be prepared for the evolving and ever-changing 21st century expected skills.

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