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Cooperative Play Promotes Life Skills

Building a snow fort is one of the best winter outdoor play for kids! When there is a nice blanket of snow on the ground, how can you keep from building a frozen fort to hide out in? You just can’t!

When our students were asked why they are so fascinated with building snow forts, they stated:

  • “Who wouldn’t be excited to build a fort?” S.G.
  • “It’s building and digging and that’s fun.” T.J.
  • “Then we have our own territory.” A.K.

However, building a fort from snow/ice is far from easy. It is a process which involves planning, digging with shovels, forming geometrical structures, carrying and building. All of which will require one major element: Cooperation. This is a term our students will come to understand and appreciate its value when the need arises.

As the fort was beginning to form, there were complaints that some children were being possessive and felt like it was their own. Therefore, nobody else could contribute ideas or be part of the building process. This issue provided the perfect momentum to practice ‘integrative thinking’.

To facilitate their personal growth as members of the community, a chat about how effective it would be if all ideas were integrated together to form a better, more powerful idea. How if they all worked together, their task would be easier to accomplish. Also, how much satisfied, proud and happier they would all feel with the end product: Their fort. Sharing, taking turns, conversing, devising a plan, and executing through cooperation are all life skills we hope to nurture in our students, as they grow up to become deeper thinkers and world ready.


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