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Building the Number Train

This week, a group of PK’s worked together to build a number train puzzle, counting dots to match to numerals and then numbers of objects, and then sequencing the numbers from 1 to 10.

Puzzles improve a child’s cognitive, problem solving and reasoning skills. They also help them to see whole-part relationships, increase their visual spacial awareness and, depending on the subject matter, can teach them a variety of topics, like the alphabet, numbers, colour recognition, shape recognition, and more!

Puzzles are fun way to improve fine motor skills. Various types of puzzles can help teach little ones to pick up and grasp piecesm and aid in the development of the pincer grasp.

Children also develop hand-eye coordination through puzzles. As they place each piece in the puzzle they are manipulating it to see if it fits. Their hand eye coordination is enhanced through this trial and error process.

When completed as a group, puzzles also develop the social skills required for cooperative play, such as sharing, taking turns and helping each other.

Our PK’s were very successful in the completion of their puzzle, and most proud of their achievement!

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