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“It looked like a world with a castle.”

Today we are excited to share a post from Richland’s Head of School, Mrs. Oliveira, who recently accompanied our Junior Kindergarten class on their journey with coloured ice sculptures. Enjoy!

Prior to my visit to the JK classroom this blustery February afternoon, the children had been engaged in ice and snow investigations for several weeks. I was privy to today’s exploration of “putting the coloured ice sculptures into context.”

My small group of children had decided to work independently, rather than as a collective, to construct their ice structures. Naturally they were more excited and interested in getting their hands on the ice pieces, than to listen to me chat away. In observing them closely, they excitedly and quickly emptied the various shaped containers onto the surface of the table. The table was filled with a plethora of beautiful, brightly coloured ice pieces. I wondered how they would begin their construction with all these ice pieces scattered around the table. Where does one begin?  To my amazement, the children collectively, without discussion, placed all the ice pieces on the clear tray in the middle of the table.

When I asked them why they had chosen to do this, they proceeded to explain:

A.F.: “If the ice melts on the tablecloth, it will go everywhere.  If it is on the tray, it will stay there.”

M.L.: “Yeah, the ice will melt everywhere!”

M.M.: “When the ice is on the tray, we can then see all the pieces.”

The children instinctively knew to organize their loose materials to begin their ice sculpture creations.

In observing the children: