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A Day with Ms. Pitt in Performing Arts

No two days are the same at Richland Academy!  Here are excerpts from a day with Ms. Pitt in Performing Arts.

  • The Senior Kindergarten students are very interested in birds at the moment. Through a creative visualization exercise, they imagined they were birds flying through the sky and described how it felt to be flying!
  • The Grade Two students worked on choreographed dancing and have begun exercises to help them create their own dances in small groups. Their goal?  To create a DPA dance to teach the whole school!
  • The Grade Three class is learning about children’s rights through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They’ve been busy writing their own scripts to share at the holiday concert about why they will be singing ‘Let There be Peace on Earth’, and how it relates to the United Nations Charter.

  • The Junior Kindergarten students have chosen ‘Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland’ to perform at the holiday concert. They are focusing on the article in the UNCRC that states all children have the right to play, and are miming playing in the snow.
  • The Pre-kindergarten class has been intrigued with apples recently. They enacted ‘The Giving Tree’ and learned a new song called ‘5 Little Apples’. They have even enacted ‘Wangari’s Tree of Peace’ and enjoyed planting trees and climbing a big mountain to see all their hard work below.

Thankfully, Ms. Pitt’s energy is as boundless as the students’!

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