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WeMuv is ON at Richland!

The Richland students are on their feet and excited for WeMuv; and everyone is eagerly trying to generate more steps as the days go on. Pedometers have been distributed to the entire Richland community, and we are raising awareness for the charity ‘The Right to Play’. Each student has created their own WeMuv account which they can access anytime and upload steps. The Primary and Junior division have been split into teams. Leading the Primary division is Grade 6 student, Ion, and leading the Junior division is Grade 6 student, Andrea. Together we will watch the steps grow for Richland.
You can take your pedometer to soccer practice, dance, out to recess, racquet sports, and EVERYWHERE! The pedometers are not made for water activities or to come in contact with water, so please don’t put your pedometer near water. Get ready, get excited – because WeMuv is on and ready to attack.

Let’s get those steps in Richland!

Our thanks to the Grade 6 bloggers for this WeMuv posting on Inquiring Minds.

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  • “We cannot put our pedometers in water or else it will break and it will not count our steps.” (Juliana, Prek)
    “If you look on the computer, it will count your steps.” (Tate, Prek)

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