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“Understanding the Reggio Approach”

Understanding the Reggio Approach: Early Years Education in Practice (Second Edition) is an essential source of information for those wishing to extend and enrich their understanding of the Reggio Approach to early childhood education. Written by Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton, this text analyzes the essential elements of the Reggio Approach and its relationship to quality early-years practice- citing examples. It also highlights the key features of the Reggio Approach that students and practitioners should consider when reviewing and reflecting on their practice. Written to support the work of all those in the field of early education and childcare, this is a fundamental text for teachers, students, and early years/childcare practitioners and professionals.

Documentation is not a technique, it is a way of guaranteeing that we are always reflective and valuing the other point of view. Documentation demonstrates the knowledge of the children, our path of knowledge about a child and about ourselves. Documentation is a dialogue of the children’s learning and our own development and knowledge.

~Dr. Carlina Rinaldi, president of Reggio Children in Italy

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