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Tracking the Egg Development: Life Cycle of the Frog

Following the arrival of the Frog Egg Mass in the JK classroom, the children were amazed to learn that “There is jelly around the frog egg mass” and that “Each egg may turn into and develop a tadpole.” Even more enthralling for the JK students was the fact that, “The black dot inside is a tadpole eating the jelly to grow and break free from the egg” to begin its life as a tadpole.

The children commented that “The black dot inside is now a different shape” and that “It looks like it is wiggling inside the egg.” Children at this age are most observant and take note of significant changes and details when they are given the experiences to do so.

The children have now begun feeding the hatched tadpoles gold fish food, as the tadpoles have eaten the jelly that surrounded them in the eggs. They “stick to the sides of the box,” commented Parisa. “They are resting and relaxing,” exclaimed Zackary. “They look like ice cubes because they are just hanging there,” noted Olivia.

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