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Taking Action Locally and Globally

What is ACTION in the International Baccalaureate (IB) World school setting? Well…simply put, it’s making a positive impact on our local and global community, no matter how big or small the action is. It could be something as small as helping a friend out when he/she needs our assistance. It could also be volunteering, collecting food or clothing for the needy. The possibilities are endless.

Since September, the grade 7/8 students have been learning about the different ways that we could possibly take action. Their voice is extremely important in this matter. The grade 7/8 teacher, Ms. Soriano asked them to continue to come up to me and share their ideas. Most of them mentioned helping youth. As fate would have it, our teacher found out about a place called 360 Kids that helps our Richmond Hill community’s youth.

Ms. Soriano contacted the staff at 360 Youth and informed them about our interest. Within days someone emailed back with information about our options. Ms. Soriano went back to discuss the email with the students and they were keen on helping out. We committed to doing the ADOPT A YOUTH program. The grade 7/8 students will be collecting funds or items to help a 360 Kids youth. We are very excited for the students to partake in this action.

Now, the action doesn’t stop there for this month. The grade 1 teacher, Mrs. McCutcheon,  wanted the grade 7/8 students to help out with a global action. Since we are the grade 1 students’ learning buddies, we thought the two classes could definitely work well together. Well… it turns out that there is an orphanage in Nigeria that is having a performance at the end of the month. The orphans need their spirits lifted and encouragement to do their very best in the performance. We asked the students to make a short video to send encouraging words to these amazing kids. Ms. Soriano is very proud of all the students for stepping up to these actions. They are reaching their local and global community through their positive impact. We hope you get to hear more about these actions in the next few weeks. Way to go grade 7/8 students!!!

  • Reflection of the week: Please ask the grade 7/8 students about their local and global actions. How did you feel about taking part in these actions? What else would you like to do locally or globally? What issues are important to you?

– From Ms. Soriano (Grade 7/8 Teacher)

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