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The PKs have been thoroughly enjoying playing with wheels and ramps in the playground. During an extended play time, the PKs asked if they could bring the wheels and ramps out. They brought out the wheels and then added a challenge: “What can we use 
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The JK boys and girls have begun to move from simple interactions with each other to more elaborate and sustained exchanges. For young children, these exchanges are often observed during pretend play experiences.  Of particular interest, is that, although these are activities of choice for 
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The JK children’s interest in fall leaves has escalated. During their first Investigative Research session with the SK children, they went searching for colourful and different fall leaves. Their first task was to really look carefully at the leaves: colour, shape, and type. They then 
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At Richland, our students have regular opportunities throughout the day to experience spontaneous play, where they can safely create, experiment and explore the world around them. During outdoor play, children have the opportunity to yell and run, and to experience their world through sounds, textures, 
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As we move into what is being called the “creative” or “conceptual” age, success in a few narrow core subjects will no longer prepare students for this world. To provide youth with the tools and knowledge to successfully handle future challenges and opportunities, a change 
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