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Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Lines within Geometry

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Lines within Geometry

​Our Grade One students are deeply immersed within our Geometry and Spatial Sense Mathematics unit of study. We have discussed the many patterns within the world. We continue to consolidate our understanding of the properties that define 2D and 3D shapes. Part of the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum also requires students to be able to create and describe symmetrical designs using a variety of tools.
​Although teaching symmetry is a small aspect of the study of Geometry, it forms an integral component connecting Mathematics to the real world. Symmetry in the real world is expressed in nature, art, architecture, etc. Learning about symmetry supports our students’ understanding of classification and ordering; skills used through our many daily tasks. The ability to notice similarities or various patterns will simplify these tasks.
​Our Grade One students’ study of symmetry extended beyond geometric forms to include organic forms, such as, plants, the human body and everyday items. They have learned that finding the line of symmetry is not always an easy task. That one has to look closely to determine that line that divides any figure into two identical parts is a challenge.
Our Grade One students thought it would be a great idea to trace around each other’s figures, draw a line of symmetry and attempt to create a balance between the two sides. Their creative minds played an important role in determining this balance. It was a learning experience we all enjoyed!
Reminders for the week of March 6th-10th:

Spirit Week begins on Monday, March 6th. 

  • Pyjama Day is on Monday.
  • ‘Be Someone Day’ is on Tuesday.
  • Current Event presented by E.K. is on Tuesday.
  • ‘Cultural Day’ is on Wednesday.
  • Open House is on Thursday.
  • Richland House Day is on Thursday.
  • Hawaiian Day is on Friday.
  • Current event presented by S.R. is on Friday, March 10.
  • Co-curricular programmes winter session ends on Friday.

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend,

Mrs. Zahr

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