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Spirit Week at Richland

Spirit Week at Richland

​Spirit week at Richland is a special time when our students’ high spirits is allowed full expression. It is a show of energy and enthusiastic support for their school. It is an opportunity to wear their school colours with pride. It is providing them with opportunities to be risk-takers, as they demonstrate their multiple talents. It is practicing open-mindedness as they are exposed to multi-culturalism that governs our school population. 
​As Reflections are a part of our everyday lives, this week, we reflect on the benefits of Spirit Week. What has Spirit Week done for our school morale, our school spirit and our overall appreciation for the hard work and dedication we all put forth on a daily basis?
“Spirit Week gives us energy.” S.K

“Spirit Week is fun; we get to exercise. We work better because of the energy and because we are happy.” N.K.

“Dance brings us altogether! It brings out our spirits.” S.R.

“You get to wear what you want and it shows what your country is.” Y.S.

“We come together to celebrate our cultures.” A.H.

“By cheering for everyone we show that we care.” E.K.
“Pyjama Day made me happy.” A.K.

“You get more energy to do more stuff because it is fun. It makes us not want to stop.” K.K.

“Spirit week makes us happy because it shows that we care about each other’s cultures.” R.Z.

“I don’t want to stop wearing different clothes because they are comfortable.” M.B.

“With jump rope we get all our wiggles out.” J.L.

Reminders for the week of March 27th-March 31st:

  • School Resumes on Monday, March 27th. All week dismissal at 4:00 pm.
  • Current Event presented by P.C. is on Tuesday, March 28th.
  • Current Event presented by R.Z. is on Friday, March 31st. 
  • Pizza/Civvies Day is on Friday, March 31st.
  •  Willy Wonka Jr.: The performances for Willy Wonka will be moved to  Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 at 6:30pm and Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 6:30pm.
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