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Science and Technology

Science and Technology

“A scientifically and technologically literate person is one who can read and understand common media reports about science and technology, critically evaluate the information presented, and confidently engage in discussions and decision-making activities that involve science and technology.”
(Ontario Science and Technology curriculum)
The above quote is taken from the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. It is our goal for all of our students to become “scientifically and technologically literate” by creating a climate of curiosity and innovation in Project Work.
​The Science and Technology curriculum has three main objectives:
1. To relate science and technology to society and the environment.

2. To develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry and technological problem solving.

3. To understand the basic concepts of science and technology.
We are excited about our upcoming science units. Our Grade One students are beginning a unit on Energy in Our Lives. We will be working alongside our Grade Two’s and integrating the IB PYP theme of ‘How the World Works.’
The following lines of inquiry will be covered through interactive activities, experiments and demonstrations:

  • What is a source of energy?
  • How do you/your family use energy?
  • What is the difference between efficient and wasteful?
  • How can you reduce your use of energy?
  • How would your life be different without energy?

 This week, we sent home an ‘Energy at Home’ booklet in our Agendas. As part of our Project Work, please work with your child over the weekend to fill it out and discuss your family’s use of energy. This will support our learning about efficient energy use.

Please return it to school by Tuesday, April 4th.

​Thank you for your continued engagement and support.

Reminders for the Week of April 3rd-April 7th:

  • Co-curricular programs begin on Monday, April 3rd.
  • Current Event presented by L. V. is on Tuesday, April 4th.
  • Current Event presented by J.L. is on Friday, April 7th.

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