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Schools Reopening (Two Perspectives)

On the first day back to school, some students seemed anxious and a tad hesitant in class, others were so excited to be back that they could hardly contain their excitement. I could sense that the students that were worrying had much in their mind. On that day we spoke about our worries and concerns. Some students seemed a bit more calm knowing that we are all doing our very best to stay safe. At the end, I reminded them that we have control of our own actions and we should respect the feelings others have about COVID-19. K.S. and H.B. shared their thoughts and feelings about coming back to school. Following the values of an IB and Reggio school, it was only fitting to let them express themselves to our community.

The following paragraph is from K.S.:

Hello, my name is K.S. and I am 12 years old. In this blog I want to talk about the opening of schools and what I think about it. In my opinion, I think that the opening of schools was a mistake. The reason I think this is because we are already high in the number of covid-19 cases and should reduce that by listening to the people who analyze these things and listen to their advice. The doctors that are helping the government would also agree with me. I have heard on the news that they are not in favour and they are saying that we are going to get another wave. This means that there is going to be a surge in covid-19 cases and the government will regret their decision. In my opinion I think they should listen to them and should follow their guidelines because they’re doctors and they know more than us.

The following paragraph is from H.B.:

​During this pandemic, many people have been hit hard. Adults, teens, children, and especially the elderly. Everyone is going through their own problems right now. Unfortunately, us kids had to start doing online learning because of COVID-19. Going back to school is vital for our mental health, since we are not able to communicate with kids our age; our friends. Another positive aspects to school is the quality of our education. In school, we are able to learn hands-on, with teachers and classmates there to help. We can ask questions as we please, and not get distracted by our surroundings. It also gives us a sense of independence. There are so many opportunities in school to get freedom, whereas at home we are confined to a small space, which has little to no independence. In conclusion, I believe that with the right policies and restrictions, we should be able to go back to school.

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