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Saying Goodbye to our 27 Garden Snails

At recess time we ventured out to “put our snails back in nature” as we had determined that “It is time for the snails to go home.”  Many of the children shared their goodbyes . The boys and girls chose a place for their snail buddies in the Peace Garden, some in the soil, some on rocks and some in the plants. As we were taking the snails out of the habitat, S. and E. let out a cry of delight: “Look at the eggs!”

The children discovered that under some leaves in our habitat, in a hole in the soil, 30 to 40 tiny white garden snail eggs were seen. What a surprise indeed!Immediately a discussion ensued and the question was, “What do we need to do with the eggs?”  The children decided that we had a responsibility to take care of the eggs and even put some more snails back into the habitat. Next, we would need to research about the snail eggs and learn  how to take care of them.  After lunch during peaceful reading, I. located photos and information about snail eggs.We’re most excited to learn even more and see what transpires with the garden snail eggs. We are also very curious to see what will unfold next.

Stay tuned!

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