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RAMP BUILDING – Part 2 (New Understandings)

The children revisited their original ideas, and began to build on to them.  A. was interested in, “Building a new design where the ramps go back and forth, and up and down like a teeter-totter.” T. wanted to, “Move the marbles from the tower, across the ocean, and to the other ramp.  This ramp then needs to tip.” Problems needed to be solved, like “How can I fix the gap?” (L.) and, “Why does the marble only stay on one side of the wood and not the other?”  Discovering grooves on the edges of some wood pieces led to a whole new other discussion!  Connecting to others ramps came up with many of their ideas. “It’s a sharing track.  We are connected.” (S.)  ‘Cause and Effect’ was evident as they discussed knocking something down.  “When you knock one piece, then a different piece will fall.” (A.)Mathematical language, and thinking, was heard throughout.  “I got a diagonal ramp and big, long ones. I rolled the ramp up, and it did go up the ramp.” Y. shared, “I’m going to get some spheres.” Measuring the distance the marbles travelled was also interesting to them. “It went six. That’s how far it’s meant to go.” (S.) Scientific thinking also came into play, as one child shared, “I’m trying to think what I am testing.  Let’s see what these can do.” (Y.)
Using the imagination was heard in their conversations as they worked. “I built the tower.  It guards the marbles so they are not in the ocean.  I added the other part because the marbles don’t like rivers and the cars do.”(T.) “Let’s put the blocks in a line and pretend they are people.” (I.)  Using ramps to create games was very evident in their work.

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