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Places of significance during COVID-19

Below are the Grade 7/8 architectural pen and ink drawings of Hospitals.

“This is relevant because it shows the different hospitals that are taking care of people during Covid-19, and how the streets are so empty because of it.”

​”My pen and ink drawing shows a large hospital which is relevant to our community at our time and place because Covid 19…is taking over the whole Earth – county by country… Many people have been infected and have died. Think about it, without the hospital around us to help the community, the number of deaths would be double…People who have Covid 19 would lose hope…Thanks to the hospital, many lives are saved.” 

“The five buildings are hospital stations. The hospitals that I drew are relevant to this time because lots of people are getting Covid-19 and some are dying…hospitals are being flooded with sick people.”

I chose to draw a hospital …This is a serious pandemic and healthcare workers need support. There are not enough hospitals and not enough healthcare workers to be able to keep up with the spread of Covid-19.” C.

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