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Open-Ended Learning Through Measurement

Our Grade One students continue their study of Measurement. Their initial understanding of how to measure the length and width of two- dimensional figures extends to include measuring the perimeter and area of such figures. They explore different possibilities for measuring the perimeter of their classroom and that of the piazza. Would they use centimeters, meters or kilometers? If they are to use non-standard units of measurement, will they use their Math books, meter sticks, pre-measured string, paperclips and or rocks? Such questions and more, are part of the investigation process that precedes any unfolding of new knowledge. The Reggio approach which features our students’ construction of learning through inquiry and expressive language, is constantly combined with a curriculum that demands specific outcomes and assessments. Our students, at this level are expected to ‘estimate, measure, and record length, perimeter, area, mass, capacity, time and temperature, using standard units.’With their current scientific investigation of matter, our students are able to connect/apply their knowledge of the different forms of matter, to measuring the mass of a substance or the capacity of a given container. When do we measure mass? When do we measure capacity? What is the difference between the two?

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