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Natural Materials Club

Canadian research states that playing, learning and working in Nature have many benefits for children. We, at Richland have designed an outdoor Club for young children, which is designed to explore the outdoor environment, leave traces of our work for the community to enjoy and offer Nature experiences to our children.“Researchers found that green school grounds enhance learning,,,and that the more varied the green play spaces are, plays a large role in a child’s wellbeing.

Playing in Nature:

  • Increases confidence
  • Increases problem solving skills
  • Results in social inclusion
  • Increases creativity in make believe play
  • Provides positive social interactions for all children
  • Improves self-regulation
  • Provides children the opportunity to develop independence, excellent decision making skills, autonomy, and personal power

The first time we gathered, a question was asked of the children:

“What are natural materials?”The list became the voice of the children, as they indicated that, “Sticks, rocks, logs, acorns, leaves, bark, trees, seeds, branches, flowers, grass, plants, dirt, mud, rain, animals, wins, and bird nests” were some of the items that contribute to the beauty of Nature.We brainstormed to come up with some ideas about what the children wanted to do during their Club time. Connections, new knowledge and ideas were charted.

  • “I want to collect Nature materials and make a house.”
  • “I want to go on Nature walks.”
  • “We can make a gazebo.”
  • “I want to paint outside.”
  • “I want to make something with the materials that we can put on the fence.”
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