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Meagan’s Walk, from a Mother’s Perspective

Today we bring you a moving post written by one of our parents, who was able to join us for our 10th Annual Meagan’s Walk at Richland. This walk is in support of pediatric brain cancer; raising funds, awareness, and above all, hope. Thank you to our wonderful community for their spirit, as we came together for this important cause; with special thanks to Mrs. A for her heartfelt reflection.This past Friday I had the honour of joining my daughters in Meagan’s Walk, along with classmates, parents, and faculty of Richland Academy. Before heading out for the annual walk, we were welcomed in the gymnasium by the Head of School.  She mentioned that the day before would have been Meagan’s 18th birthday.  Before she could take a breath to start her next statement, the school bell rang.  I assume it is a daily occurrence indicating the end of a period, but in that moment it felt like something more.  Representatives of the Walk were present and while the chimes rang, we all learned that Meagan’s birthday was that very day.  All of us that were gathered patiently waited while the school chime continued.  It felt like a moment of remembrance.  And, it felt like Meagan’s presence was there with us.
As we heard from two children and their battle with the same type of cancer that Meagan unfortunately endured, I felt very grateful for the health of my children and could only imagine the feelings faced by the parents of these brave kids.  I was moved, and could see that several other parents and teachers were also touched by the valour exuded by these children as they addressed our young audience.  Their wisdom of both the fragility and strength of life was well beyond their years.  At such a tender age, they had already been through so much.  I realized as I listened to these young souls that life can have great meaning and impact on others, no matter what our age.  My own six year old told me that she was walking for Meagan, and I knew that she had an understanding of what we were doing on that sunny afternoon.I intend to join my daughters for this walk next year and for many more to come.  I am thankful to Richland Academy for their involvement in such a meaningful Circle of Hope.

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