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Making Cookies and Memories in JK

It all began with the children welcoming our guests and walking our families from the Lobby to our classroom. It was a ‘full house,’  filled to the brim with 16 parents in JK, all eager to explore the ‘cookie decorating’ business with their children. The room was filled with the smell of gingerbread, smiles, laughter, holiday music and much cheer!

We captured moments together: photos of ‘in the midst’ of creating their personalized cookies and a ‘portrait’ photo of the happy children and their families. Here are some of the precious and most thoughtful words that the children had about their ‘Gingerbread Cookie’ experience with their Moms and Dads.
Each of the children were asked about their experience, here are some of their comments:

“We were making cookies and putting icing on. We put mouths and buttons, and….When we were finished we put hair on. Then we put eyes out of raisins. The ‘red things’ (sidebar: licorice) we put on the other 2 gingerbread. Thank you for helping me, Mommy!” D.K.

“I made cookies with Daddy.  Thank you for coming to the school and me.” J.J.

“I want to tell Momma and Papa…I made gingerbread with Ms. Sherry.” A.M.F.

“ I liked that I was sitting with my friend and making the cookies together with our Mommies.” M.M.

Ranvir’s: “I made my Mom, my sister and my Auntie on my gingerbread cookies.” R.M.

“I was happy that Daddy was here to make the gingerbread cookies.” S.C.

I think one of our mom’s summed it up pretty nicely when I admired her beautiful, fancy,  glittery, and feathery outfit…..”Why thank you!!!!…I am dressed up in party wear because it is a party to make gingerbread cookies together in JK!!”

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  • I hope all of our families leave a message on the Blog about our ‘Gingerbread Cookie experiences’….We plan to see what messages you’ve left for us, early next week!! 🙂 Mrs. Black & Ms. Sherry

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