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Learning and playing with snow

“Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers”  – Kahlil Gibran 

We are grateful for the beautiful snow that has covered our playground. The freedom to play in the snow provides fun learning opportunities for the children of BG2.

Through play they are enhancing the following skills 

Creativity skills

​”Hey, this is our snowball shop!” – Spencer
Creating snowmen, building a snowball shop and painting in the snow are experiences that foster the creativity of the children, while also boosting their ability to problem-solve and experiment with various materials

Coordination skills

“Look, I make a pink snowball!” – Ashley
As the children independently dress up for outdoor play,  create, and throw snowballs, they are practicing their coordination skills. 

Thinking skills

Opportunities to fill different buckets with snow and pour them out, allows the children observe, measure and compare sizes.

Math skills

“This is my snow family. My daddy is a giant snowball!” – Lucas
“My cake is so big!” – Owen 

​Opportunities to mix and recognize paint colours in snow, count snowballs and compare their sizes are wonderful concrete examples of math concepts to help the children of BG2 strengthen important math skills.

Language skills

“Oh the snow is so deep!” – Angela 

Snow play provides hands-on opportunities for children to use words like cold, icy, slippery, deep, crunchy, wet and slushy, in meaningful ways. What a wonderful way to build vocabulary and share ideas with peers and educators!!

-Early Years Teacher – Ms. Omua and Ms. Nisa

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