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Inquiry Based Learning at a Reggio Inspired School

“It’s beautiful thing, when a career and a passion come together.” ~Author Unknown

Bringing like-minded educators together for a day of inspiration, education and collaboration creates an energy, a buzz and a spark, like no other! Last Tuesday, the passion and excitement were palpable, as the Richland Centre for Learning Innovation welcomed 60+ supervisors and educators from Upper Canada Child Care to our beautiful facility, for a Reggio and Inquiry workshop.  Focused on the Early Years to grade 1, participants had the opportunity to explore and learn more about the principles of Reggio, including the environment as a third teacher, the role of the teacher and pedagogical documentation.   The supervisors had an opportunity to tour our facility and classrooms, and experience the theory of Reggio in an authentic and expert context, as they witnessed the principles that guide our practice, come to life through our children and documentation, and within our learning spaces.  Workshop participants also had the opportunity to engage with our staff and faculty during round table discussions that asked them to focus on a very particular question, as they move on to next steps in their own practices. As a community that embraces a culture of innovation and creativity, we value learning from one another and recognize the incredible breadth of skills and expertise that we bring to our profession.  At Richland we celebrate these strengths and are pleased to offer a series of workshops lead by Richland Faculty and Staff.  The Richland Centre for Learning Innovation offers professional development experiences thoughtfully designed to provide educators with a framework to inspire their own practice.

We would like to thank Upper Canada Childcare for a wonderful day of engaging and collaborative learning!  One of our PK teachers, who participated in the roundtable discussions, shared this reflection:

“The quote [at the beginning of this piece] is exactly how I felt completing my hour with fellow educators.  Proud, excited and joyous as I was able to help others feel the excitement I feel every day.  It has become such a passion to educate and share my experiences with others, triggering passion from others to bestow upon the learners of our future.  We are changing learning/education for the future and I am grateful to be a part of it!”

Children want to learn by exploration and play.  At the end of the day, they will learn all they have to.  Be confident in your teaching and enjoy each day full of wonder and excitement. This is the key to a Reggio Inspired classroom.” ~Author Unknown

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