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IB Theme How the World Works

Our Early Years BG2 class have continued our inquiry into ‘How the World Works’ with a focus on: 
a) What tools are used for
b) How we can use tools safely

Authentic and real learning experiences lay the foundation for learning. With this in mind, we provided our BG2 explorers with hardware tools along with some toy tools to explore and play. We explored how we use different tools for different purposes. We also discussed the need to follow safety measures while using tools. 

This was a ‘WOW’ moment for teachers as we observed children use the tools safely and appropriately in the various learning spaces. The children of BG2 had fun with the hardware tools, writing tools, painting tools, cutting tools, investigation tools, sensory bin tools and much more.

The children comprehend the word “tools” and understand what ‘safety’ means with respect to themselves, their peers and their environment.

Our reflection time gave us an understanding of the connections that the children have made to the central idea ‘Tools help us create’.

I build a boathouse, I used tools, a hammer and a screwdriver – C
I used the safety hat, but it keeps falling down – O
The magnifying glass help me see the shells bigger; I see lines in the log too. – L
The hammer help me hit the nail; I built a tower – H
The spoons helped me put water in a cup – S
I draw a picture of a butterfly. I used markers to create the colours. – A
Wow ! Interesting; I see colours inside the shell – S
The helmet keeps my head safe – L

Practice, repetition, praise and encouragement are key to learning new skills.”  
The nurturing environment in BG 2  involves praise and encouragement, not just from the teachers but also from their peers.

We are very proud of our explorers !!

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